Private track

Risks to fact checkers/fact checking at internet scale - part 2

Tuesday, June 30

09:30 - 12:30 EDT / GMT-4

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Phoebe Arnold | Full Fact

In recent years, internet companies have created innovative new systems for using fact checks in products like search results, newsfeeds and apps. This has helped fact checks reach a wider audience and gain prominence.

In the past, the systems created by internet companies have sometimes felt handed down without sufficient consultation. Now, internet companies have shown that they are more open to feedback and collaboration with fact checkers than ever before: how can we make the most of this?

This workshop will build on an introductory session at Global Fact to explore the future risks, challenges and opportunities for fact checking on online platforms in the coming years. Groups will work together to come up with practical ideas to pre-empt risks, build up defences for possible challenges, and make the most of the vast opportunities presented by working with internet companies to send our fact checks far and wide online, without compromising on accuracy and impartiality.

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