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Risks to fact-checkers/fact-checking at Internet scale

Tuesday, June 23

09:00 - 10:00 EDT / GMT-4

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Phoebe Arnold | Full Fact, Researcher


Eric Mugendi | Pesa Check, Managing Editor
Govindraj Etjiraj | Boom, Founder
Gülin Çavuş | Teyit, Editor-in-chief
Nishant Lalwani | Luminate, Managing Director
Tijana Cvjetićanin | Istinomjer, Fact-checking and Research Coordinator

Fact-checks increasingly appear in multiple places online beyond our websites: on Facebook as part of the Third Party Fact Checking Programme, in search results via ClaimReview, in apps and read aloud by voice-activated virtual assistants.

This panel will explore the sustainability of current arrangements, whether more could be done to coordinate how our fact-checks appear on different online platforms, and what internet companies could be doing in addition to current efforts to tackle misinformation online by scaling fact checks.

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